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Leyden is committed to identifying cutting edge technology, offering our customers advanced investigation and security solutions. We actively seek partnerships with technology firms, providing our clients with the latest tools alongside cleared integration and training to ensure successful deployment of the technology.  


Blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, our primary offering, provides organizations a blockchain intelligence partner that stays ahead of the evolving risk landscape — from Cybersecurity, Counterterrorism, Open-Source Intelligence, Transnational Organized Crime, Counterintelligence, Threat Finance to Intellectual Property protection, our Team’s solutions and analysis are trusted to support these critical missions.


Leyden helps empower and protect the world’s most security conscious enterprises through Telos' Ghost product, providing network obfuscation, encryption, managed attribution, and dynamic routing to minimize network attack surfaces.

System Integration

Leyden provides an experienced team to support cleared technical integration at the customer level, ensuring successful tool deployment and delivery of actionable intelligence. Our Field Service Representatives (FSR) provide support for technical and analytic requests for information (RFI).

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The experienced sales team provides a streamlined, customer-focused experience from requirements to purchasing or renewing software.

Business Graphs

Choose from self-paced or instructor-led courses held throughout the year. Our hands-on classes will have you working with the latest software versions in no time.


Key Technology Partners

Chainalysis is the global standard for cryptocurrency-related intelligence with products enabling clients to conduct investigations, fight terrorism, and prevent money laundering.


Telos Corporation offers advanced technology solutions that empower and protect the world’s most security-conscious enterprises. 

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